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In 1978, ‘Oger Hydraulics’ started as a small workshop employing three workers. The workshop's space was less than 200 square meters, and offered simple hydraulic repairs.


In 1984, the company increased dramatically, trebling the space and now employing seven workers. At this time, the concept of a hydraulic industrial plant with the ability to deal with all types of hydraulic production and repair, started to take shape. The growth in space enabled for the first time to repair on site large industrial machinery such as: tractors, excavators and bulldozers


In 1990, the company began to establish itself as a hydraulic plant, operating a large repair space, employing 10 workers, and starting a massive process of purchasing machining tools such as lathes and milling machines. 

At this point, oger hydraulics began to acquire a vehicle fleet with the purpose of enabling repair services in the field where possible. 

In these years, the company began to invest in human capital, acknowledging that for Oger Hydraulics, there is nothing more important than a learned, skilled worker. To achieve that goal began a process of sending the employees on hydraulics qualification courses abroad to acquire deeper knowledge in their respective specialized fields. Those courses included: crane repair and installation, engineering for different types of pumps and motors, engineering for specific machines by leading manufacturers and general hydraulics courses. 


By 2000, Oger Hydraulics could already be recognised as the hydraulics plant we see today. That year oger hydraulics expanded to a repair space of 2500 square meters and employed 25 workers.  

In addition to purchasing technology including lathes, milling machines, iron-cutting machinery and hydraulic testing tools, the company developed unique testing machines, such as a pump testing machine and a test bench designed for testing motors, steering units, pistons and other hydraulic components. 

The company’s development has enabled it to handle with ever increasing project size and complexity, and has also started attracting a clientele of large institutions, both private and public, such as the Israeli Defence Force and the Ministry of Defence, the iron industry, the construction industry and  the petroleum industry, the national ports and many more. 


With the years Oger Hydraulics has adopted 5 principles, which guide its way of operating: 



·        Honesty above all else 


·        Total loyalty to the client 


·        A job is done exceedingly professionally or not at all 


·        Testing, testing, and testing again. No product, manufactured or repaired, is to leave the factory without a dry run. 


·        Professional assistance over time. Oger Hydraulics accompanies the client as long as is necessary, long after the client has exited the factory's gates.